Automation — Head or Tail

Hello readers. Are you fond of automation and its technologies? Have you ever used personal assistance like hey google or Siri? Did you ever imagine having an assistant like Aladdin? Life will be smooth when someone is always there to assist us.

Automation Anywhere

But to make it manually, it would take at least 15 minutes to beat the cappuccino mixture that ends in having a frothy coffee along with hand pain. Time is precious. With automation, we saved 15 minutes in our day.

Cars are automated. Qualified data are given to the machine learning model to detect danger, park in a slot, adjust speed, etc. Wasn’t this taking us to too much of a comfort zone? We feel like a King/ Queen. All you have to do is to sit and command where to go. Everything is in your control through IoT. But this won’t work every time.

The comfort man

One day he had a severe toothache. He had visited the doctor and removed one of his teeth. He had swelling on his face and couldn’t talk. It was raining heavily. Suddenly he switched his automated car to manual mode and drove home. He burst out and started to cry, unable to get into his house. An old lady came and consoled him. He couldn’t find who she was. After a long conversation, he was pampered by that old lady’s words and calmed down. She took him to her house and made freshly ground coffee and a chicken sandwich for him.

Now let me clear some of your doubts on

Why he switched his automated car to manual mode? Why didn’t he get into his house? Why did he cry? Who is that strange old lady?

Well, after his tooth removal surgery, he couldn’t open his mouth. When he tried to speak, his voice was not audible and recognized by his automated car. Similarly, the voice recognition system in his house failed to detect his sound waves. As he didn’t believe in fingerprints, he installed voice assistance. That strange old lady was his neighbor for the past five years.

Have you watched the Terminator movie? Do you think that it may happen in the future? Possibilities are more. Facebook invented two bots named Alice and Bob. Initially, it was successful. Both of the bots created a new language and started to communicate with each other. It was difficult to decode. Sensing the danger, Facebook shuts down the bots.

Too much of anything is too bad except common sense. Automation can help us to save time, save energy, and makes our lives easier. But it makes us sophisticated. If you want to learn and survive in this competitive world, you must come out of your comfort zone.

Nothing but my perspectives !!